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Become a Sponsor

Under its "New Management, New Strategy, New Beginnings" mandate Country Heritage Park (CHP), is in the process of developing a series of new programs, activities, exhibits and events. A key to the success of these initiatives is and will be the continued dedicated support of our long term development partners, program and event sponsors and the addition new ones along with in-kind support from collaboration partners and volunteers for current and proposed initiatives.

For more information on a specific opportunity, please click on one of the following:

Sponsorship Opportunities include:

  • Development Partner & Founding Sponsor for new programs including our:
    • Innovation Park initiative
    • Food Literacy program
    • Art-in-the Park program
  • Providing on-going support for existing programs, specific exhibits and facility maintenance and development activities by participating in our:
    • Sustaining Member Suite
    • Facility Naming Rights program
    • Heritage Facilities Development Fund
  • Or becoming an Event Sponsor for one or more of our own or collaboration partner events. Our 2016 Sponsorship opportunities include:

For more information on sponsor programs:
Telephone: 905-878-8151
Email a request for sponsorship information

Sponsorship & Partnering Opportunities

Country Heritage Park has enormous scope and potential for building bridges and connecting the dots between urban & rural publics given its location, ease of access, legacy resources, current educational and expanding event programming along with its connections with food, farming publics and local communities within the GTA - One of the fastest growing, most concentrated, diverse agrifood clusters in North America with close to 8 million residents within 90 minute drive of the park.

100km Reach

CHP is focused on showcasing the past present and future of food and farming developments and educating stakeholder publics on the factors and choices that have, and will, influence the outcomes for the industry and the consuming public for the next generation and beyond. Indeed CHP intends to challenge imaginations on what we shall eat and how it will be produced in the future through a wide-range of diverse exhibits, events, and experiential educational programs and communications activities.

At the same time CHP cherishes its farm and rural heritage exhibits and programming legacy. In this regard CHP intends to augment and leverage this legacy by adding experiential Food Literacy, Culinary, Art, Craftworks and Entertainment programs to the mix.

These "New beginnings" will take time to evolve. Consequently we are seeking development partners, founding program sponsors, and organizations and individuals that will join our sustaining member suite to assist in supporting the growth and development of current and proposed "EDUTAINMENT" initiatives such as our Education, Innovation Park, and Art-in-the-Park programs.

For more information on sponsorship & partnering opportunities:
Telephone: 905-878-8151
Email a request for sponsorship & partnering opportunities information

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Development Partner

Given the long term nature of specific park developments and limits to our resources we are looking to prospective development partners who share our vision of what we can achieve at the park and are willing to collaborate in creating and achieving that vision. Our anticipation and expectation is that our "Development Partners" will take the opportunity to make a long term commitment (3-5 year) contribution to the development of specific programs at the Park. The contributions can be in cash, shared expertise, information and insight, exhibits, and or communications or other in-kind support. It is expected that Development Partners will participate in the concept and program design and development of the exhibit, and provide on-going operational support under agreed contractual arrangements.

Recognition for Development Partner contributions will be developed in consultation with the partner and CHP and will likely include but not be limited to a combination of the following depending on the nature and scale of the agreed contribution and prior commitments to other development partners:

  • Specific recognition of partner contributions in all annual reports and public documents relating to a specific program (e.g. The Innovation Park Concept) and its development at the discretion of the Development Partner.
  • Identification as a development partner in all on-site and public advertising and promotion of Innovation park events
  • The prospect of advertising on the side of the Hwy 401 subject to relevant government agency approvals
  • Preferred rates and or discretionary access to park's facilities and events

For more information on development partners:
Telephone: 905-878-8151 Ext 20
Email a request for development partner information

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Founding Sponsor

A concurrent need associated with the development of new programs is a requirement for committed financial support to initiate and sustain the development programs. We offer the opportunity to become "Founding Sponsor" or a "Sustaining Member" of specific programs and park developments.

As its name implies we would expect "Founding Sponsors" would support the initial development of a program concept and provide a significant contribution - e.g. $250,000 or more over a 5 year period - with an initial contribution of $100,000 Subsequent contributions would be used to develop additional components to the initiative the program and attract matching funds from a range of funding programs wherever possible. Founding Sponsors would be recognized as such in all website and social media postings and promotional materials, have their name and logo on proposed 401 advertising and be afforded equivalent privileges and benefits of our development partners and program sponsors.

For more information on the founding sponsor program: 
Telephone: 905-878-8151 Ext 20
Email a request for founding sponsorship information

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Sustaining Member Suite

Not surprisingly there is an on-going requirement to sustain new and developing initiatives over time. Prospective sustaining member of the Country Heritage Park will have the option of dedicating their support to specific programs - The sustaining member proposition encourages members to make an annual commitment (e.g. $5000 - $25,000) or an alternative option of making a one-time payment for a specific recognition term at a substantial discount. For example instead of contributing $15,000 for five years ($75,000) sustaining members could gain the same benefits from a one-time contribution of $60,000. At the same time we would welcome any Sustaining Member contribution and recognize individual donations with a tax receipt for their donation.

Annual Commitment Alternate One Time 2016 Cash Donation $(000) Sustaining Member Designation
3 Yrs.
(Less 10%)
5 Yrs.
(Less 20%)
7 Yrs.
(Less 25%)
25+ Foundation Partner
25 68 100 131
20 54 80 105 Champion
15 41 60 79 Patron
10 27 40 53 Benefactor
5 14 20 26 Supporter
5- Friend

Sustaining members / sponsors would have the opportunity to direct their support to specific program areas or towards the overall operations and areas of greatest need for the park or contribute to our Heritage Facilities Trust Fund. Sustaining member sponsors would be recognized for their support in the respective program publications and promotions including promotional advertising on respective program web pages and be eligible to receive discounts or concessionary access for facility rentals and event participation in proportion to their contribution. As indicated individual contributions would be eligible for a tax receipt.

For more information on the Sustaining Member/Sponsor Suite opportunities:
Telephone: 905-878-8151 Ext 20
Email a request for sustaining member/sponsor suite information

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"Heritage Facilities Trust Fund"

Our Heritage Facilities Trust Fund is specifically designed for refurbishment and on-going maintenance the Park's outstanding Heritage Buildings which we are obligated to maintain as part of our Agreement with Heritage Ontario. Funds are maintained in a trust account and used exclusively for maintenance of our Heritage buildings with a specific minimum amount retained in the fund to address emergency repairs if necessary! Interest from the fund and incremental contributions are used for on-going maintenance and refurbishment of the buildings.

For more information on heritage facilities trust fund:
Telephone: 905-878-8151 Ext 20
Email a request for heritage facilities trust fund information

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Facility Naming Rights Opportunity

A sustaining member opportunity includes Facility Naming Opportunities for some of the parks outstanding facilities including The Gambrel Barn, the proposed Puslinch Hall Art Gallery and the Conestoga Community Kitchen & Dining Room

Our priority is to find a naming rights sponsor to assist in refurbishing and upgrading the iconic Gambrel Barn.

Gambling on the Gambrel is not a gamble at all. The iconic Gambrel Barn at Country Heritage Park is an outstanding heritage facility and the jewel in the crown of all the park's event venues. The Gambrel Barn is the wedding venue of choice for more than 65 brides and grooms and numerous corporate events, trade shows and family celebrations each year.

The Gambrel Barn is front and centre at the Park and visible from Hwy 401 and plays host to more than 30,000 visitors itself each year among over a 100,000 visitors to the park.

Imagine having your name front and centre for all our park visitors, all our website visitors, all our advertising, promotions and publicity related to events held at the Gambrel Barn for 5 Years or more. Imagine having access to the park and all its facilities at preferred rates.

What a deal!

It goes without saying the Barn is the dominant "wedding" building at the park, and will be likely be part of more images than any other building. It is a very versatile location both inside and out. 
In this business, it's rare for a wedding hall to be so attractive that we could create all of our images inside and the results would be fabulous. The Board of Directors of Country Heritage is willing to offer naming rights for the Gambrel Barn Facility for up to 5 years for contributions of ________or more.

For more information on the Naming Rights Opportunity and other partnering and promotion opportunities at Country Heritage Park, please contact:
Jamie Reaume
Telephone: 905-878-8151 Ext 20
Email a request for more information

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Event Sponsorship

Our expanding array of community events provide a significant opportunity to both promote and support these activities and reach a growing set of target audience groups with your presence and promotional materials.

Each event has its own specific promotional and support opportunities but as a guide cash and the value of in-kind contributions will include some or all of the following recognition components.

For more information on Event Sponsorship opportunities: 
Telephone: 905-878-8151 ext 20
Email a request for event sponsorship information

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Individual Donations

Individuals are invited to make contributions and donations no matter how large or how small to support current and proposed programs and or contribute to our specific “Heritage Facilities Trust Fund”. This fund is specifically designed for refurbishment and on-going maintenance the Park’s outstanding Heritage Buildings which we are obligated to maintain as part of our Agreement with Heritage Ontario. Funds are maintained in a trust account and used exclusively for maintenance of our Heritage buildings with a specific minimum amount retained in the fund to address emergency repairs if necessary! Interest from the fund and incremental contributions are used for on-going maintenance and refurbishment of the buildings.

Individual donors would receive a tax receipt for their donations and appropriate recognition for their support according to the following schedule.

For more information on individual donations:
Telephone: 905-878-8151 ext 20
Email a request for donation information

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