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Kindergarten Programme

Mr. Rogers said, “Play is often talked about as if it were a serious relief from learning. But for children, play is serious learning.” Play-based learning is important to the cognitive and emotional development of each child. Kindergarteners will come to our site and enjoy a mix and match experiential learning opportunity that is unique to each class.

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Choose from the following options to create your unique program:
(please choose four (4) buildings for full-day programme and two (2) buildings for a half-day programme)

Cassin Barn

The Cassin Barn is an interactive play center where children can explore. Students should identify the various farm materials around the barn and make sure to place them in the correct spot while enjoying active play.

Plant Center

The Plant Center will be used to create various crafts related to farming. Students will engage in an interactive craft lesson learning the basics of a plant's life cycle or how farms feed communities, and understand that their favourite foods are grown on a farm.

Riley Barn

Experience our farm animals while exploring a real, 1940s working barn. They will see real farm animals and learn about their relationship to us.

Lucas Homestead

See our 1860s farmstead, an interactive space that lets students explore a second-generation pioneer homestead. Included is our apple orchard, pollinator garden, barn, and vegetable garden.


Explore milk production and see how milk travels from the cow to your homes.


Students will learn about apples, how apples grow and are harvested, and how many products come from apples. As well, they will learn about the important role bees play in not only apples, but all of our food.

IH Barn

This rare octagonal barn is the perfect location to see how farming technology has developed over time.

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Contact our education department by phone at 905-878-8151 or toll free 888-307-3276, or email us at

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