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Art-in-the-Park 2016 Artists

Announcing the following Artists
at the first-ever Art-in-the-Park

August 21, 2016


Amanda Gonsalves

Amanda Gonsalves - Milton, ON

2D Media (drawing, illustration, mixed media, print making)

My work consists of layers of old papers, letters etc. and paint. The final painting will reveal only parts of what is underneath, creating a sense of mystery as well as inviting the viewer in to slow down and look closely. Art and the process of creating is a reflection of life and my paintings are filled with layers of meaning and story, much like we are. Through the addition of many layers and the sanding off, or painting over, a story emerges. Even the layers that are no longer visible are present and contributing to the final painting. I believe each painting like us, has many layers. My work reflects themes of archetypal material, growth and shared human experiences. Each painting is a surprise and discovery!

Andrea Howson

Andrea Howson - Milton, ON

Painting (oil, acrylic, encaustic, watercolour, inks)

Vibrant, colourful, and dynamic, Andrea Howson’s artwork often takes a whimsical view of animals and people. Focusing more on farm animals in particular, she uses a fluid approach to her acrylic paintings to create a transformative visual experience.
With the ultimate goal of making her subjects radiate energy and life, she creates an intimate relationship between the viewer and subject matter, often painting her subjects head-on. The effect is to stimulate the viewer and transport them into a playful world layered in vivid colours, flowing shapes, and dramatic contrasts between reality and a passionate imagination gone wild.

Ashley Kurtz

Ashley Kurtz - Orangeville, ON

Painting (oil, acrylic, encaustic, watercolour, inks)

You will often find nods to growing up in rural Northern Ontario in my work combined with the liveliness of working in the city. A lot of my work has a distinctly feminine touch, with vibrant colours, soft curving lines and abstracted floral images.

Brigitte Granton

Brigitte Granton - King City, ON

Painting (oil, acrylic, encaustic, watercolour, inks)

As an artist and biologist, I am intrigued by the natural world and feel a strong desire to study it and capture its essence with paint. I am particularly drawn to the woodlands and rolling hills of the Oak Ridges Moraine as well as the rugged nature of the Parry Sound/Muskoka landscape. The vibrant colours of my landscapes reflect the excitement I feel while observing and preserving these ecosystems on canvas. I hope to pass on this enthusiasm to others through my paintings.

Ellen Cameron

Ellen Cameron - Mono, ON

Photography & Digital Media

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with drawing and painting horses. I was awed by the power and majesty of these magnificent, yet gentle creatures. I am a graduate of York University. My formal training in Art History and Painting opened new and exciting doors for me, exposing me to the drama contained in such works as, The Pharaoh’s Horses or Spirited Horses. Throughout my artistic explorations I have continued to photograph as well as to paint what I see. With the advent of new technology I am now able to combine the two disciplines, of painting and photography, which allows me to explore the possibilities of unlimited creative expression.

Genie Kim

Genie Kim - Oakville, ON

Painting (oil, acrylic, encaustic, watercolour, inks)

The main theme of my work is the healing power of a mother’s love and sacrifice. My work produces an initial experience of whimsical joy within the heart, but later echoes with an undertone of wistfulness as time passes, with the non-western visual style amplifying this duality. I was born and raised in South Korea, and graduated from the prestigious School of Fine Arts, Hongik University, in Seoul. After graduation, I started my own Art Academy for young people, in Seoul. In 1998, I settled in Canada, and have been a private art teacher in Oakville, Ontario, while participating in several art shows every year in the Toronto area and southern Ontario.

Heidi von der Gathen

Heidi von der Gathen - Orangeville, ON

Wearable Artwork (jewellery, textile, and individually designed handcrafted wearable items)

The process that creates Air & Earth jewelry is one common to any artistic practice. Thought is given to rhythm, texture, space relation and repetition. Selection of material also drives the design. The media is silver, semi-precious stone, gold and pearl. Each piece is built in the manner that best realizes the final design. Work may be strung on silk and hand knotted or combined with hand-crafted wirework or simply strung unembellished.

Jackie Warmelink

Jackie Warmelink - Mulmur, ON

3D Media (ceramics, fibre, glass, mixed media, sculpture, wood)

Raku is an exciting unpredictable low fire process. Producing iridescent metallic/crackle finishes and often a rainbow of colours.All Raku is decorative only - truly “one of a kind”. Stoneware Pottery, Glazed in a variety of organic colours, stoneware is food and dishwasher safe and microwavable. Features: Handmade “folded” bowls, berry bowls, divided serving dishes, chip & dip sets, teabag holders soap dishes, spoon rests, and bowls, serving platters - imprinted with lace or leaves.

Janet Horne Couzens

Janet Horne Cozens - Burlington, ON

2D Media (drawing, illustration, mixed media, print making)

The prints come in series with most designs available in all the formats. Subject matter: modern but with some recognizable representational material with a few exceptions that are purely abstract. All my works are nature based – flowers, leaves, fish, birds, water, fire, etc.

Janet Jardine

Janet Jardine - Burlington, ON

Photography & Digital Media

My prints of digital photographs reflect our natural and cultural heritage. Many of the images are from nearby nature conservation areas, and some will be from my travels in other locales.

Jennifer Osborn

Jennifer Osborn - Mono, ON

Wearable Artwork (jewellery, textile, and individually designed handcrafted wearable items)

My pieces are made using felted wool, organic and recycled fabrics, leather, and then embellished with thread. Much of the wool is from my own flock of sheep. My main focus is on functional pieces that incorporate images, patterns, and designs of felted wool.

John McGill

John McGill - Fergus, ON

Photography & Digital Media

After studying Biology at Western University, John combined his interest in nature with his interest in photography. He has received numerous awards for his work and has been featured in many museums and galleries around Southern Ontario. Most recently, John was presented with the Photography Award at Insights 2016. The winning photograph is currently on display at the Wellington County Museum, in Fergus, Ontario.

Judy Blue Anderson

Judy Blue Anderson - Hamilton, ON

Painting (oil, acrylic, encaustic, watercolour, inks)

My current practice focuses on the Canadian landscape, whether a whimsical studio piece or an en plein air work. You can’t escape it no matter where you live. It doesn’t take much for inspiration; just stick your head outside. I am lucky enough to have the Bruce Trail running through my city. I try to evoke the sense of place and bringing out the rich colours of my surroundings.

Karen Brown

Karen Brown - Erin, ON

Painting (oil, acrylic, encaustic, watercolour, inks)

I am an encaustic mixed media artist whose work is motivated by my relationship with nature. I create from my heart to express the world around me. Encaustics allow me to bring that natural energy of the earth to my paintings. It is a source of renewal, harmony and peace which lends to limitless inspiration to create both realistic and abstract expressions. The organic nature of the beeswax based paint lends to its unique depth and mystery as it becomes a multilayered surface for both the visual and tactile senses.

Liane Middleton

Liane Middleton - St. Davids, ON

Wearable Artwork (jewellery, textile, and individually designed handcrafted wearable items)

I studied jewellery design and metalsmithing at the Ontario College of Art. I have been a full time artist for two years. I make all of my own metal components including chain, ear wires, and clasps. I am obsessed with organic forms and things that are old and the patina they get with age. I incorporate fossils, ancient beads, natural organic gemstones and pearls into my work.

Liene Haruta

Liene Haruta - Kitchener, ON

2D Media (drawing, illustration, mixed media, print making)

My interest in how nature is intrinsically linked motivates me to explore how we are spiritually connected to our environment, and nature that surrounds us. While the techniques I use are similar to the old masters, the subject matter is current in figurative and landscape themes.

Marcos Lins

Marcos Lins - Toronto, ON

Photography & Digital Media

Fine art photography prints in different sizes and mountings: matted and framed. Materials are fine art paper and canvas. Small matted prints and greeting cards using photography paper.

Marie Austen

Marie Austen - Milton, ON

Painting (oil, acrylic, encaustic, watercolour, inks)

My mixed media painting are all done on gallery wrapped canvas-no framing necessary. I enjoy working with a variety of materials, working in many layers to achieve texture, depth and interest. These items would include Japanese papers/tissues, other collage papers, molding paste, gesso, gel mediums, matte medium, acrylics and acrylic inks.

Mary Ellen Farrow

Mary Ellen Farrow - Georgetown, ON

3D Media (ceramics, fibre, glass, mixed media, sculpture, wood)

I am a professional stone sculptor, with a studio @ Glen Williams Mill in Georgetown. I produce work from monumental to miniature. I work in alabaster, limestone, and marble. My themes vary from contemporary abstract to figurative and from nature.

May Liza Baak

May Liza Baak, Toronto, ON

Wearable Artwork (jewellery, textile, and individually designed handcrafted wearable items)

While I've been a crafting artist all my life, I began making jewellery just over 3-4 years ago. It all started with the all too soon passing of a dear friend who left all of her jewellery to my sisters and I. While not diamonds and gold, it was worth more in memories and has given us much pleasure and inspiration in keeping her spirit alive. She had many boxes of jewellery that she had acquired from all over the world. While some of the pieces were dated, I began to re-purpose them into something more contemporary. To this day I still have many beads from her collection and work to incorporate a bit of her spirit into each piece with a bead or clasp.

Nadine Nesbitt

Nadine Nesbitt - Milton, ON

3D Media (ceramics, fibre, glass, mixed media, sculpture, wood)

Penumbra’s stained glass creations will bring magic and rainbows into your home. Each piece is created in Parkdale,Toronto, and is completely one-of-a-kind. Inspired by the science of light and it’s interaction with glass, Penumbra pieces entwine these elements while exploring artist, Nadine Nesbitt’s fascination with this material.

Olena Lopatina

Olena Lopatina - Stouffville, ON

Painting (oil, acrylic, encaustic, watercolour, inks)

My works are original paintings done in oil on canvas. The inspiration comes from nature – landscapes, waterscapes, and floral (the themes of my paintings).I have always been fascinated by harmony and beauty of nature. To study nature was always a source of great pleasure for me. Inspired by nature I want the viewer to be able to feel like they are actually there.

Peter Graore

Peter Graore - Kitchener, ON

Painting (oil, acrylic, encaustic, watercolour, inks)

I am a self-taught artist with a passion for big cats and birds. I feel it is important to paint these animals before they become extinct. I strive for realism in my paintings.

Rhonda Hewitson

Rhonda Hewitson - Guelph, ON

Painting (oil, acrylic, encaustic, watercolour, inks)

My work consists of mainly acrylic woks that usually have a lot of colour. I love colour! I enjoy incorporating texture with various mediums for added depth and emotion to the pieces. I try to create pieces I think people will want to display in their homes. If it isn’t something I would hang in my living room, I need to keep working on it. I believe everyone should have a little colour and art in their lives.

Rosanne Luckevich

Rosanne Luckevich - Toronto, ON

3D Media (ceramics, fibre, glass, mixed media, sculpture, wood)

My sculptures usually emerge spontaneously and often reflect my fascination with the natural world, its processes and patterns and the manifold wonders of existence. Several of my pieces have explored the idea, previously articulated by Marcus Aurelius in 167 AD and also more recently by Chief Seattle and Charles Darwin among others, that everything is one and equal, that human, animal and plant are all made of the same stuff. "All things are bound together. All things connect." I'm also interested in examining the circumstances that oppress us especially disease, the subjugation of women and the depravity of war.

Steve Wilson

Steve Wilson - Caledon, ON

Painting (oil, acrylic, encaustic, watercolour, inks)

My landscape works are of local vistas while my street scape works are a variety of locations throughout the world and may have a satirical angle to some of them if you care to explore my work in greater detail, and some of my street scape smaller pieces may be simply a close up look at our urban environment.

Susan Lott Benarva

Susan Lott Benarva - Niagara Falls, ON

Painting (oil, acrylic, encaustic, watercolour, inks)

The inspiration in each painting begins with one colour. Warm or cool depends on my mood. As each new colour is added, I let the blend of colours guide me through each painting. I stop only when it feels right. As with many artists, some are more challenging & I begin again the next day. Once the feel is right or as I sometimes think "when the painting speaks to me" is it ready. Every painting is given an Italian name based on what I see. "I find the Italian language poetic, romantic & a mystery. It is then that the painting is complete."

Tammy McClennan

Tammy McClennan – Mono/Toronto, ON

3D Media (ceramics, fibre, glass, mixed media, sculpture, wood) Wearable Artwork (jewellery, textile, and individually designed handcrafted wearable items)

Through the fabrication of sculptural objects, I have been exploring nature as form with a focus on shapes and textures. I like to explore the possibilities of nature by creating new objects that may or may not hold additional function or practicality.

Tammy Warren

Tammy Warren - Burlington, ON

Wearable Artwork (jewellery, textile, and individually designed handcrafted wearable items)

“I want my jewellery to move with its’ wearer. It should be a part of them and should complement their style. I love to know that my creations will be worn and enjoyed.” I have always dabbled in some art form. But it was only when I tried beading that I found that creating jewellery was my passion. As I worked with silver wire I enjoyed the fluid lines that could be created and the endless design possibilities. This became the medium of choice for me as the design possibilities are endless. I have since taken a number of courses in wire and silversmithing at Mohawk College and the Oakville Art Society. I will often include semiprecious stones with my wire components to add colour and interest to my creations. I love to experiment with new ideas and techniques and have recently been experimenting with fusing and fold forming silver. This continues to challenge and excite the creative process for me.

Trevor Waurechen

Trevor Waurechen - Kitchener, ON

Painting (oil, acrylic, encaustic, watercolour, inks)

Trevor Waurechen works in a wide variety of media. For Country Heritage Park's Art-in-the-Park, Trevor's work will be represented by a collection of printmaking and paintings. Trevor's Prints are derived from cartoon and illustration subjects.

Vickie Lawrence

Vickie Lawrence - Kitchener, ON

2D Media (drawing, illustration, mixed media, print making)

I take pride in capturing every detail in my art. Realism has been a lifelong passion... and capturing the strong values of light and deep shadow are my goals. I work in graphite, coloured pencil, watercolour, acrylic and mixed media.

Vita Pesin

Vita Pesin - Toronto, ON

Painting (oil, acrylic, encaustic, watercolour, inks)

When an individual discovers their gifts and purpose in this world, there will be so much light exposed into the world. The individual will be in alignment with who they truly are and who they were meant to be. It is a self-discovery process. The light is waiting to emerge. The beauty will come from the light of the individual's soul.

Vladmir Lopatin

Vladmir Lopatin - Stouffville, ON

3D Media (ceramics, fibre, glass, mixed media, sculpture, wood)

Nature gives me an endless supply of forms and patterns for inspiration.
For sculptures, I take a piece of wood and it shows me what it could become. Then I start carving, cutting, polishing, adding gem stones and metal, and bringing the work to the condition that reflects my idea perfectly. For my sculptured three-dimensional oil paintings, I sculpt the background, design the frame, and use oil paint, gem stones and metal. My art is stylized fantasy rather than realism.

Vladmir Topal

Vladmir Topal - Toronto, ON

Painting (oil, acrylic, encaustic, watercolour, inks)

At the end of autumn, the farmers in the north of Toronto area, around HYW 27, have the crops of hay all around their properties. In one day, I passed by Kirby road and King – Vaughan. I could not stop to sketch. Lately, I went again but with my easel and canvases. Thanks to lovely sunny day I finished my painting in couple of hours!