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3rd Annual

Sunday, August 12th, 2018

Announcing the following Artists
at the 2018 Art-in-the-Park


Sean Benton

Sean BENTON - Oakville, ON


Sean Benton is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Southern Ontario, Canada. He has completed a Visual and Creative Arts Diploma from Sheridan College, 2012 and a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from Brock University in 2015. Currently, he paints full time in his home town of Oakville, Ontario. His technique in painting explores the ongoing relationship between value, colour, and shape. Sean's primary work examines portraiture and its placement within shape based backgrounds. Since early 2017 he has begun painting a diversity of subjects including landscapes, figurative landscapes, animal portraits, and still-life.

Monica Burnside

Monica BURNSIDE - Georgetown, ON


Monica's artwork ranges from plein air, done in all seasons, expressing her ideas and concepts on canvas. The medium she uses is primarily oil paint. Monica Burnside grew up in Toronto and is currently a resident in Halton. She is a dedicated oil painter that has acquired a unique impressionistic brush stroke. Monica regularly paints “en plein air” in locations such as Ontario, British Columbia, Florida and Mexico. Highlights include, participating in the Legacy Mural, Cisco Pan Am Velodrome, mentoring students in a local youth program and working with a group of artists for the Milton District Hospital Mural, 2017.

Quinn Cruise

Quinn CRUISE - Milton, ON


Quinn is a jewellery maker and her specialty is bead weaving with top quality crystals, semi-precious stones and pearls. Quinn loves this art form because every new piece is like a puzzle. She is still new to the jewellery world and is looking forward to exploring other techniques such as chain mail jewellery and metal work. Quinn is open to trying all sorts of things and she adds, “Before I say anything else I want you to know that I am deaf.” Her hope is that her creations speak for her and tell the buyer/viewer just how much she loves to make them. She might not able to hear but she sees a great deal, perhaps even details others might miss. Quinn has always been curious about how people create complex art. However, her work started very simply with a string bracelet. It didn't take long before she tried her hand at more intricate designs. But she was still not satisfied with the challenge until she discovered the beauty of bead weaving. Says Quinn, “There is something thrilling about doing an insanely difficult pattern and have it turn out successfully. Of course, sometimes it goes the other way!”. Her passion started out as a hobby then friends became interested and kept asking about prices and availability. It got her thinking about setting up a business. So here she is! Her creations can be custom-made for your individual colour or size preferences. Quinn also designs pieces for weddings, graduations, reunions, friendship groups or any special occasion.

Thomas Dale

Thomas DALE - Waterloo, ON


Thomas has been a fine art photographer since 2002 and a displayer since 2010. He collects images from his travels and creates photographic art on art canvas and quality photo papers (Kodak Endura). Thomas established his own copyright on how to develop art that is created on a quality product that can give a watercolour, oil or photographic appearance. Each image is created individually and printed, untouched by strict colour, black point compensation and perception form instructions to his inkjet printer company onto canvas and developed on quality printing papers. Mr. Dale was a dentist for 27 years before retiring and picked up photography as a profession.

Corné du Plessis-Grant & Aaron Grant

Corné du Plessis-GRANT and Aaron GRANT - Grimsby, ON

Wood & Mixed Media

We make one of a kind, nature inspired furniture, live edge charcuterie boards, carved wall art (maps,signs, etc) and candle holders. All items are made from fallen, ethically sourced timber. All of our items are made by us, utilizing wood, some stains, finishing oils and resins. Our work is always finely finished, with an eye for detail as well as aesthetically minded. Most of our work is functional, as well as appealing to the eye. The best part? A portion of every sale goes towards creating a better world for future generations through reforestation. In other words, every product sold plants trees in areas that have seen devastation from natural disasters such as forest fires. Replenishing our forests with Luxury Decor.

Britannia Hartley

Britannia HART - Mississauga, ON

Mixed Media

Britannia is a Toronto born artist, raised in the GTA, and educated at the University of Guelph. She creates whimsical glass bottle multiples and mixed media landscapes on canvases with found objects and recycled materials, and home decor and accessories that range from simplistic beauty to fantastic costume. She tries to ethically source her materials from local businesses and abroad, while reusing materials to help give them a second life. Britt strongly believes in the benefits of sustainability and the importance of local communities. She assembles all of her creations in her studio and workshop in Mississauga, sampling from broken, discarded, and new materials to create one of a kind items. Britt harvests what she can from my gardens and land, and picks and presses her own flowers, and up-cycle refuse and recycling from local factories and businesses. Friends and family give her their old or broken jewellery and clothing to reuse. She beads, sews, and weaves her own accessories, and I creates her art from a uniquely curated inventory. Everything she sells has been altered and assembled by her personally.

Liene Haruta

Liene HARUTA - Kitchener, ON


For many years Liene has been developing her skills in drawing, painting, and sculpture, participating in numerous exhibitions and studio tours. She has had the privilege of designing for well respected names such as Disney and Avon. Her work includes private commissions and ongoing development of themes including, female symbolism in the figure, and themes of emotion in landscape. Liene has work now as a studio apprentice for established Canadian artist Jon Tobin. “I am committed to evolving my skills in my ongoing journey as an artist”, says Liene.

Rhonda Hewitson

Rhonda HEWITSON - Guelph, ON


Rhonda likes to use a lot of colour and play with finishes. Some of her work incorporates the use of resin, moulding paste, tar and silver/gold leaf. She has also produced a variety of products, from note cards and coasters, to mini and full size abstract paintings. Rhonda is a self-taught painter, graphic artist and photographer who enjoys experimenting with different mediums. She has only been painting for a few years, but already has had success in selling some of her work as well as a few commissioned pieces. Her paintings mostly consists of acrylics, but has worked with oils and water colours.

Chazzly Johanna

Chazzly JOHANNA - Milton, ON


Chazzly Johanna is a professional self-taught artist working out of her home studio in Milton, Ontario. Her work is highly realistic oil paintings, achieved by layers of under-paintings and glazing. Charily enjoys playing with varying mediums to create interesting textures such as painting on unfinished wood and applications of gold leaf. Many of her paintings have a message behind them in hopes to evoke emotion and change within the viewer. She is inspired by the realities of being a human specifically being a young woman. When not creating a painting she is being a Mom of two and working as a crisis counsellor at a domestic violence shelter for women and children. The daily interactions she has with others while embodying these roles greatly influences her art.

Leah Landriault

Leah LANDRIAULT - Hamilton, ON


Leah Landriault is a Canadian painter from Ontario, Canada. After painting for many years through school she took her art public. First, starting in her high school, then later through social media. Although threw the years it fell out of her life. Leah then rekindled the artist in her once she had her daughter. She then found her passion once again in 2017. Realizing that she wanted to tell her story, feelings, and interpertation in the one way that she knew best, painting.

Vicki Lawrence

Vickie LAWRENCE - Kitchener, ON

2D Media (drawing, illustration, mixed media, print making)

“I take pride in capturing every detail in my art. Realism has been a lifelong passion... and capturing the strong values of light and deep shadow are my goals”, says Vickie Lawrence.
She works in graphite, coloured pencil, watercolour, acrylic and mixed media.

Jennifer Levine

Jennifer LEVINE - Kitchener, ON


A native of Saint John, NB, sculptor and artist Jenifer Levine came to Ontario in 2000 with an artistic vision to create ceramic art that would challenge the standard practice, evoke emotions, conversations and act as a catalyst to inspire the imagination in the ‘everyday’ person. She recently founded “3DE Creations” which produces unique three dimensional ceramic art and she feels that art should always be accessible or available to anyone, even those who find a gallery setting intimidating.“Clay is more than just pottery”, says Jennifer. “It is the chameleon that can take on any form, texture and intensity”. Her work challenges the stigma that is associated with this medium and she wants to transform this attitude towards clay and bring out of the ‘stone age’. The unique ceramics from Jenifer Levine’s 3DE Creations portray the natural complexity and beauty of the living form with the use of various clay materials. It exemplifies many of the ‘classical’ techniques used with this medium such as hand building, wheel thrown elements and Bas Relief. The surface treatments encompass the breadth of glaze chemistry, from food safe glazes to texture enhancing oxides.

John McGill

John MCGILL - Fergus, ON


After studying Biology at Western, John McGill combined his interest in nature with his interest in photography. John’s initial work consisted primarily of nature and landscape photography. Over the years, he has explored a variety of subject matter and produced images on a wide variety of media, including aluminum, canvas, acrylic and most recently, silver-coated paper.

Jordann Murray

Jordann MURRAY - Brucefield, ON

2D Media (drawing, illustration, mixed media, print making)

Born and raised in Huron County, Jordann has always had a passion for the arts, most specifically, drawing and painting. Following her studies in Philosophy at Ryerson University, she knew that she had to pursue this passion more seriously. Her most defined area of work is illustration, where she presents humans in a quirk-psychedelic-like manner. Jordann finds her inspiration to draw when faced with the task of trying to grasp and capture contours, facial features, and organic lines. In keeping with this, she focuses not only on the lines that she sees, but also on negative spaces; highlighting both the shapes that meet the eye and the ones lurking behind the corner. In this way, her illustrative work is meant to be interactive by way of leaving the blankness of the paper, allowing her audience to fill in such spaces with their own imagination. Her patins focus on human subjects as well and play around with the ways in which light falls, using gouche as her go-to medium. Jordann paints (and draws) what she sees, a Fauvist at heart, giving birth to a plethora of otherwise concealed forms. With an attention to detail, a love for pastels, and an amusement in faces, Jordann is continuously seeking out her next muse. Keep your eyes pealed, you might be one of them.

Tania Orton

Tania ORTON - Campbellville, ON


Tania Orton is an eclectic artist who pursues various forms of art, including batik, acrylic and photography. She has taught art at International Schools. Tania has owned and operated an art gallery and has participated in many shows and festivals, winning awards for her paintings, “Bamboo” and “Moon”.

Susan Powell

Susan POWELL - Erin, ON

Painting/Paper mache sculpture

Sue paints pure, watercolour landscapes, big skies, nudes and still life. Her watercolour landscapes capture the rolling rhythms and changing light upon Ontario’s most beautiful geological landform, the Niagara Escarpment. Her current inspirations include drawing and painting objects found in nature, vegetables that dot our farm fields and fill our harvest share baskets from a farmer’s market or community shared agriculture pick-up. At the Art-in-the-Park show and sale this year, Sue will be creating and presenting a variety of large, colourful, painted, paper mache vegetables and fruit sculptures. In 2009, Sue was awarded Hills of Headwaters Artisan of the Year. In 2014, Silver Creek Arts Project was awarded the Hills of Headwaters Artisan of the Year. Susan is one of the 6 artists in the project. In 2016 Sue was awarded Headwaters Tourism Champion.

Pam Ross

Pam ROSS - Moffat, ON

3-D Functional

Pam founded the highly successful Rasa Candles in 1979. Rasa hand carved candles were sold all over the world and in Canada by Hallmark cards and many other retailers. In 1984, Pam decided to pursue a career in an emerging field called Information Technology. Fast forward 30 years as an IT Manager, Pam retired and decided to back to her original love of candle making. Now, after coming full circle, White Magick is born! White Magick candles are hand-made with advanced, plant-based ecosoya wax that is safe, renewable, sustainable and petroleum free. The fragrances (such as Salted Caramel, English Rose, Lavendar, Peaches and Cream etc.) are enticing and phthalates free. The mason jar design is Shabby Chic/French Country for people who want to be transported to their own special place where life has meaning and magick abounds!

Elaine Scott

Elaine SCOTT - Waterloo, ON


Photography has become a retirement hobby for Elaine. She took her first photography course in 2009 and continued to learn more every time she took the camera out. Elaine enjoys travelling and tries to capture the essence of a destination through her photographs. Her focus is primarily on landscaptes but she dabbles in taking pictures of birds, flowers and some portraits.

Pat Tadier

Pat TADIER - Cambridge, ON


Pat Tadier is an artist based out of Cambridge, Ontario and has been sculpting since 2000. His highly emotive and innovative approach uses a combination of natural materials of wood, metal and stone. Natural wood varieties range from indigenous species of poplar, maple and cherry to more exotic woods such as African Purple Heart. Pat has been successfully showing his work at a variety of venues that span both public and private sectors. Pat’s sculptures are a combination of hand carved wood and moulded metals. Natural materials include carved woods varieties that range from indigenous maple, poplar and cherry to more international species such as African Purple Heart and blood wood. Some pieces are artfully painted using acrylic while others are varnished and left to show the natural beauty, colour and grain of the wood.

Kathryn Thomson

Kathryn THOMSON - Amaranth, ON


Kathryn works in all forms of glass. Blown glass bowls and vases in vivid colours and swirling forms are part of her unique work. Paperweights, small birds and cats and forms with sandblasted imagery will delight the eye. Whimsical torch-worked bead necklaces and earrings compliment the palette.

Trevor Waurechen

Trevor WAURECHEN - Waterloo, ON


Trevor is a multi-disciplinary artist working in both commercial and personal fields. He is currently producing blockprint and abstract painting works. Trevor’s relief prints draw upon a vast pool of subjects, from cartoon and figurative matter, to his current body exploring organic geometry. Trevor's paintings are abstract in nature, taking inspiration from Cubist, Fauvist and Futurist movements of the early 20th Century, with a uniquely contemporary eye.

Jackie Warmelink

Jackie WARMELINK - Mulmur, ON


Born in the United Kingdom, Jackie has lived in the Mulmur hills for over 35 years. Originally trained as a Home Economist and Cordon Bleu Chef, Jackie started collecting pottery while working in South Africa in the late 1970’s. She was drawn to the organic colours and shapes and loved how they showcased her food creations. She took her first pottery lessons in Africa, working with clays from the Masai Mara plains. While living in Belleville in the early 2000's she studied at Loyalist College Pottery Studio. It was there that she developed her current Stoneware designs which are the product of her years of experience. She was also introduced to Raku pottery which has become a passion because of the unpredictability and uniqueness of the results. Jackie's Raku work is truly “one of a kind” . Her pieces are all hand built and she draws her inspiration from the nature surrounding her studio imprinting her platters with leaves and shells Her birds, fish and trees are mounted in driftwood and her popular Christmas ornaments feature birds snowmen and animals. The iridescent and white crackle Raku glazes enhance these designs The new copper matte glaze produces a rainbow of colours on bowls vases and pendants. Each Raku piece is uniquely different. In Stoneware she works mainly with slabs, sometimes combining them with thrown work to create hand built pieces which are both unique and functional. She uses organic shapes and often incorporates textures into the surface of the clay using laces leaves and netting. Mixing her own glazes she uses 2 or more glazes on each piece to create unusual colour combinations which “break” on the folds and texture making each piece unique. She makes a variety of serving dishes including her signature “folded” bowls, divided platters and popular berry bowls. Other designs include wine holders, chip and dip dishes and soap dishes

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