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4th Annual

Sunday, August 11th, 2019

Announcing the following Artists
at the 2019 Art-in-the-Park


Gary Augustynek

Gary AUGUSTYNEK - Toronto, ON

Mixed Media

Viewing life along a spectrum makes more sense than forcing it into arbitrary categories. Gary has created collections that blur the lines between pottery, sculpture and painting. Working with wood, stone, and clay, connects him to the artistic expression of people since the beginning of time. Augustynek wants to create art that speaks to social responsibility and the environment and that challenges conventionalism.

Sofia Berger

Sofia BERGER - Mississauga, ON


Sofia’s work is based on her interactions with the world. She utilizes pop culture and the everyday to depict her personal narrative. Berger draws inspiration from the mundane and day-to-day occurrences in her life as a way of recording an event, recollecting a fond memory, and as a way to pay better attention. She is inspired by the energy and immediacy of Karel Appel’s paintings, and the humour embedded within Dana Schutz's work. Whether looking to create a personal narrative from what she encounters, or simply to capture a moment in time, Sofia is always exploring her relationship to subjects that resonate with her in her day-to-day life.

Laura Burns

Laura BURNS - Milton, ON


Hammerhead Wood Designs makes home accent pieces from salvaged wood that would otherwise end up in a landfill or destroyed. Her philosophy is to reduce waste to assist in eco friendly living. For all 2019 sales, a portion of proceeds will be donated to Forests Ontario to help plant trees.

Tina Clancy

Tina CLANCY - Milton, ON


Tina has been painting reflective and expressive abstractions and impressions in acrylics and mixed media for five years. A few years earlier, she was deeply moved by an exhibit from a post-war art movement in Japan moved, which inspired her to begin painting herself. This “Gutai Movement” encouraged artists to bring unanticipated arrangements of the concrete world into their paintings, and to adopt a more playful approach to making art. I have been inspired to do the same, especially when painting intuitively.

Angela Coleman

Angela COLEMAN - Georgetown, ON


Angela Coleman's acryllc paintings offer the enthusiast a variety of subject matter and styles. From capturing the beautiful realism and intricacy of a flower, walking in the rain in the Cornwall countryside or capturing the impressionism of a sunlit French window, to abstract images rendered in cold wax and oils. Born in Aldershot, England and raised in Toronto, Canada Angie has always been a doodler, sketching and painting from a very young age. Her artistic talents include leather mask making, sculpting, wood walking sticks, but her main love is painting with acrylics and oils and cold wax. Her creative experiences have included teaching art therapy to children suffering from Schizophrenia, co-owner of an art gallery, composite artist with the police service and creating costume masks for dancers and stage.

Laura Cook

Laura COOK - Cambridge, ON


Laura is a photographic artist that creates unique images for home and office decor. Her work is typically close up views of the overlooked beauty. Laura uses the camera as her paintbrush sometime in true form preserving what she sees and other times abstracting reality. Laura Cook embarked on her photographic journey in 2003 with the purchase of her first film SLR. With instruction of camera operation she quickly learned how to use her tool and enjoyed spending many hours perfecting her craft of photography and developing her unique eye. She uses the camera as her paintbrush enhancing the deeper experience and the emotions felt, sometimes in true form of preserving what she sees and other times abstracting reality. She thrives on versatility and explores all her chosen subject matter with great care and passion. Whether it is nature, urban, architecture, abstract, industrial, low light, or whatever may peak her interest, she is compelled to capture and share the story. With all subject matter, Cook is most passionate about the details, which tell the story.

Laura Costantiello

Laura COSTANTIELLO - Burlington, ON


“Creation for me is a necessity; the desire to actualize an idea arises internally, demanding release”, says Laura. With inspiration in her mind, a prayer in her heart and a song on her lips, the process commences. A particular colour combination strikes Costantiello and progresses through a compositional notion. Diluted to a specific consistency, paint is applied using several techniques and colours converge, cooperate, collide. Manipulation of the fluid hues is sometimes a dance, other times a waiting game, occasionally a battle. As each painting evolves, the result is an abstraction - ablaze with light, colour, and a life of its own.

Susan Davies

Susan DAVIES - Oakville, ON


Artist Susan Davies creates this original artwork. Susan is a graduate of Art and Art History from McMaster University. She currently resides and teaches Art in Oakville to students in grades 6-8. Her work demonstrates a firm interest in the Elements and Principles of Design. Though occasionally painting more realistic works, it is evident that deep down she has a love for abstraction. Her work also may show a juxtaposition of things that don’t normally go together. Susan works largely in acrylic paint on paper and canvas with occasional collage elements added.

Brent Davis

Brent DAVIS - Milton, ON


Brent Davis is a Milton-based photographer whose landscape and architectural work often focuses on the places we leave behind – the abandoned haunts of past generations, now crumbling and silent. He seeks out these places in his travels close to home and around the world, finding beauty in the collision between natural and built environments. Brent Davis is an award-winning photographer and journalist who has been working for daily newspapers in Ontario for more than 20 years. His stories and photographs have been published in newspapers including the Waterloo Region Record, Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail and the National Post, magazines including Maclean’s, and in books and textbooks. Brent’s recent fine art photography focuses on landscapes and abandoned places.

Maria Drazilov

Maria DRAZILOV - Toronto, ON


Maria Drazilov is a multi-disciplined artist whose work often centres around photography. She likes to digitally alter her images, pushing the boundaries of photography into a hybrid realm, which incorporate the elements of painting and drawing with pixels. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production from Concordia University, in Montreal, and is also a graduate from the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, where she majored in photography. Maria is a film maker of short films, as well as being a visual artist and has received awards for both her photography and short films.

Youssef Elgohary

Youssef ELGOHARY - Toronto, ON


Youssef is inspired by the emotions and crises of the abstract human being in their relation to nature. Using oils or soft pastels, the two elements, the human being and nature, are always present in his paintings, in a dreamy realm that is relevant to the real world. Pieces like the “Life Giver” is inspired from Venus, the ancient goddess and Ishtar, known as the goddess of beauty, love and fertility. Thus, his work is a tribute to women as they give life. The “Muse of Spring” is inspired from spring, as the muse who comes in colours bringing joy and inspiration. The “Muse of Compassion”, represents the acts of empathy, mercy and compassion and depicts how such acts inspire us to connect with other beings on Mother Earth.

Charisse Goyer

Charisse GOYER - Barrie, ON


Charisse is a 25 year old oil painter from central Ontario. She has been a travelling tattoo artist for 8 years and owned 2 shops. In the last few years Goyer has slowly transitioned back to her roots in fine art. Her work is an upcoming series, Earth and Sky, which will, upon completion, be a 7 part series. She work with acrylic on wood.

Laura Hamilton

Laura HAMILTON - Ariss, ON


Laura is an emerging self-taught watercolour artist living on a small hobby farm in Ontario, Canada with her soulmate, their children, her beloved horses, two dogs, chickens, along with tons of surrounding nature! Laura paints consistently, strives to learn new techniques, improving her skills and is always open to leave her comfort zone on what she paints. When she began painting, she often gave her art away as gifts. She began to share her paintings publicly in 2018, because of all the encouragement and support through friends and family. Her watercolour paintings are often inspired through her emotions, experiences, nature/wildlife, horses/pets and occasionally people. Her style mostly consists of impressionism, fine art and illustration.

Larissa Hauck

Larissa HAUCK - Sturgeon Falls, ON


Larissa Monique Hauck is a queer emerging visual artist that graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design (now Alberta University of the Arts) in May 2014 with a BFA with distinction, majoring in painting. Since graduating, she has been working full time and maintaining a professional artistic practice. Many of her artworks have been featured (and continue to be) in regional and national group exhibitions as well as a growing number of international exhibitions. She has been selected for inclusion in events such as Nextfest 2018 (Edmonton, AB), Nuit Rose 2016 (Toronto, ON) and HerWORK 2016 (Stony Plain, AB). Her drawings and paintings have been featured in publications such as Creative Quarterly (US), Wotisart Magazine (UK), Minerva Rising (US), and various others.

Cheryl-Ann Hills

Cheryl-Ann HILLS - Hamilton, ON


A native of Kitchener Waterloo, Cheryl-Ann has been living in Hamilton for over 23 years where her energy is spent recording moments in our natural environment. Early experiences with oil painting began at 16 with Michael Roth; a well-known Canadian landscape painter from K-W. After several years working with Mr. Roth she left to attend an arts program at Georgian College in Owen Sound. Ms. Hills has always felt a deep connection to nature, and the opportunity to live and study on the shores of Georgian Bay surrounded by trees and rocks and hiking trails was perfect for her. As a young child she spent much of my time in local forests in K-W, hiking and exploring. Throughout my life hiking and the outdoors has been important to me. My art is created from photos I take during my travels throughout Ontario and next year to Cape Breton Island.

Janet Horne Cozens

Janet HORNE COZENS - Burlington, ON


Janet Horne Cozens began studying art at the age of two in Japan. After graduating from the University of Toronto with a degree in Music Performance, Janet returned as an adult student to the Ontario College of Art (now OCAD) to study Fine Art with a specialty in figure drawing and painting. After almost two decades away from art to pursue a career and raise a son, she has finally realized her dream of returning to her first love - art. Cozens recently received the Juror’s Choice Award at the All Guilds Show (Art Gallery of Burlington). Janet Horne Cozens is a member of the Burlington Fine Arts Association.

Andrea Howson

Andrea HOWSON - Belwood, ON


Andrea Howson is an acrylic artist living in Belwood, Ontario. Her work celebrates bright bold colours, typically acrylic on canvas. Although she is diverse in her subject matter, her current focus is on farm life, stemming from her appreciation, fascination, and love of animals. She strives to give each of her four-legged or winged subjects a personality the viewer can connect with. With influences of Van Gogh, Matisse, and Chagall, her style of artwork is naturally fluid, dynamic, and often intensely colourful. Her paintings show movement, rhythm, and energy, and above all, bring the artist’s imagination to life on the canvas.

Anthony Jenkins

Anthony JENKINS - Mono, ON


My ‘Leisure’ Series of acrylic on canvas paintings celebrate ease and lament the devaluing of the idea of leisure in busy lives. Goal-oriented, multi-tasking, team player, detail-oriented, strategic thinker, are workaholic character traits ever more, and for which ‘power vacation‘ and ‘quality time’ scarcely provide a balance.With my ‘Leisure; series, I’ve created a body of work beautiful to the eye, pacific to the spirit, and celebrating the idea that stopping all that frantic endeavour periodically, to ease body and mind, has real value.

Chazzly Johanna

Chazzly JOHANNA - Milton, ON


Chazzly Johanna is a self-taught realist figurative artist who primarily paints on wood panel. Chazzly begins her paintings with a structured drawing and a loose underpainting followed by richly detailed fiscally layered applications of oil paint. This results in a painterly yet high realism finished product that promotes a metaphysical aliveness between the subject and the viewer.

Chazzly’s paintings are embedded with femininity and symbolic divinity with applications of gold leaf and gold paint. Each brush stroke represents life energy and presence with a deglamorization of the model’s living flesh.

Cristina Joy

Cristina JOY - Hillsburgh, ON


Cristina Joy enjoys watching colour behave through space and time. Her work typically demonstrates bright, high contrast abstract expressionism she likes to call "alienscapes". Working mostly with oil on wood paneling allows her to develop modern day imaging through traditional technique. She was born in Montreal and now enjoys a more scenic, rural life here in Halton Hills.

Reilly Knowles

Reilly KNOWLES - Milton, ON


Reilly’s work consists of a collection of oils, acrylics, ink drawings and watercolours. The works reflect Knowles various affiliations with the creatures and natural spaces of Southern Ontario, particularly those found in Milton. Some works seek to capture the energy of spaces in a traditional landscape format, while others employ symbolic systems to excavate more personal and spiritual themes. Altogether, Reilly’s art proposes that the landscape is both a physical terrain as well as a medium through which symbolic, personal, political and gendered meanings are expressed.

Brendan Lancaster

Brendan LANCASTER - Guelph, ON

Printmaking - Wood/Lino cut

Brendan specializes in limited edition relief prints focusing on subject matter from nature including underappreciated animals and dangerous landscapes. The prints are created through the use of linocut printmaking techniques using a limited ink palette. The relief printmaking process presents restrictions and challenges that force him to find creative solutions to creating form and texture through meticulous line work and innovative mark making.

Holly McClellan & Nick Horsfall

Holly McCLELLAN & Nick HORSFALL - Oshawa, ON


Nick and Holly are a creative duo on an art adventure. They combine skills to design, create and fabricate their handmade photo lightboxes. Holly is the photographer and colourist. Nick is the technician and fabricator. Design work is shared. Each piece starts as an idea. Materials, including lighting, are selected to complement the photo. When possible they like to mix new with reclaimed materials. A final work is an original 2D image with sculptural qualities, functioning as a light source.

Theresa McLoughlin

Theresa McLOUGHLIN - Hamilton, ON


Theresa started her journey at Craftie Kid stained glass art in 2017. Her creativity and design oriented background helped her push stained glass in a modern direction with new styles, techniques and frameless designs. McLoughlin’s artwork includes hanging window displays, night-lights, and smaller ornaments.

Cate McMullin

Cate McMULLIN - Toronto, ON


Cate uses paint, primarily acrylic to explore and engage depth and contrasts in abstract and representational landscapes. Cate’s 2018 abstract work takes its inspiration from the openness of the sky and the changes from lightness to darkness. “My work considers the shifts between light and dark and spaces in between”, says McMullin. Originally from Ireland, Cate lives in Toronto and has studied painting and drawing at OCAD University and the Toronto School of Art.

Diane Morgan

Diane MORGAN - Harriston, ON


Diane's artwork is produced in the studio as well as en Plein Air. Her paintings are derived from a classical approach in the realism style of fine art. She primarily focuses on oil paintings and charcoal drawings. Her subjects hold a personal connection to the artist or the places she has traveled. Diane grew up in Milton which is where her love of nature was developed, but now resides in a small community in Wellington County. Diane has studied and/or painted in Italy, France and the UK. Diane's wish is that people experience joy & delight or maybe make their own personal connection to the places and things when viewing her artwork.

Morgan O'Brien

Morgan O'BRIEN - Milton, ON


Morgan’s paintings involve a mix of exaggerated colours applied in thick layers to hint at landscape scenes. O’Brien is drawn to this impressionistic style in part because the art changes depending on the distance from which it is viewed. From afar the viewer can see a representation of nature and up close viewers can clearly make out brush strokes. In keeping with the nature theme Morgan has begun using pen and watercolour to depict wildflowers. Like the acrylic paintings, the watercolours use loose lines hinting at something recognizable from the natural world.

Tania Orton

Tania ORTON - Campbellville, ON


Tania Orton is an architect and local artist who combines her interest in creating form and beauty in buildings with her interest in photography, acrylic and fabric painting. Over the years, Tania has explored a variety of subject matter.

Tania loves all forms of art. She is the founder and one of the organizers of Overzealous Fine art Exhibition. She has also owned and operated an art gallery and has participated in many shows and festivals, winning an award for her artwork ‘Bamboo and Moon’ and ‘Autumn in Elora’. “Art is the expression of life. Without art there is only nothingness.”

Bari Parsche

Bari PARSCHE - Kitchener, ON


Art has always been a part of Bari’s life. From sketching inspired by comic books through oils, watercolours, to gouache, acrylic, face painting and airbrushing. Bari’s art education after high school included airbrush courses with mentors Jason Gateman and Michael Brown. He also creates airbrushed t-shirts and handmade cards. All Parsche’s work is original done in acrylic, airbrush acrylic, and gouache.

Julia Louise Pereira

Julia Louise PEREIRA - Brampton, ON


Julia Louise Pereira is an illustrator who’s work reflects the stories of old and the fairytales whispered underneath the lamp-lit covers. She creates magical imagery using watercolour, gouache and other mixed media, reproduced using inject and risograph. She transfers these original illustrations into her ceramic work, as well as in the form of books and zines. She focuses on telling compelling stories through images, and engaging her audience in emotionally and politically engaging designs. In her personal work, Julia’s inspired to make is a mix of dark folkloric imagery that inspires a sense of mystery and intrigue, and ethereal plant and wildlife that brings a longing for the wilderness. Julia is a graduate of OCAD University in Illustration and works as Associate Director for WIAprojects. She is also co-founder of the emerging art collective, Carpos Collective.

Lou Pinto

Lou PINTO - Halton Hills, ON


Born in Portugal, Lou creates in many mediums including pottery, sculpting, photography and is a musician who plays piano, drums and sings. Also an actor Mr. Pinto owns and operates Rocknroll Reno’s by day and by night he plays piano and sings in the trio, Tinker Bang & Blow. He studied pottery with Ann Randeraad in 2017 and started selling from his own studio in 2018 and hopes to open a second studio in Portugal in 2020. Lour really enjoys working with red clay as it reminds me of his home in Portugal and the beautiful ceramics of Caldas da Rainha. “I’m incorporating my knowledge of English and North American style pottery and blending it with my Portuguese history to introduce my work to the two countries I call home”, says Lou.

Marion Plaunt

Marion PLAUNT - Caledon, ON


Marion is a photographic artist, that lives on the Niagara Escarpment, and has a profound respect for the services that the natural environment provides to humanity. She endeavors to create innovative and inspiring art that brings joy and promotes discovery of the beauty and diversity of nature. Marion believes that when we experience nature in its natural form or through images it enriches our lives and provides a sense of well-being. The photographs are of natural shoreline features reflected in still water taken at a northern Quebec lake and create intriguing primal images that are open to many interpretations. The unique beauty of nature can be discovered in unexpected places – when we take the time to look.

Joey Dean Ruggiero

Joey Dean RUGGIERO - Hamilton, ON


Young Canadian Transgender artist Joey Dean creates his own pop-surrealist twist on feminism with a touch of comedy. Resonating with the Surrealists and Romanticists, as well as the work of American-Traditional tattoo artists, Dean’s paintings warp perception with contorted perspective and misplaced anatomical features — often poetic and bold, sometimes even graceful — creating optical illusions and dreamscapes. His award-winning abstracts and surrealist illustrations have been featured in half a dozen independent publications and his work has been showcased in libraries and schools. While his passion for painting dates back to 2012, many of Dean’s recent works are digital design and traditional printmaking.

Steven Springer

Steven SPRINGER - London, ON

Wood - Pyrography

Steven is an emerging, self-taught artist who likes to practice the art of wood burning (pyrography), recreating historical macabre, Norse, Pagan and orthodox iconographic imagery, as well as intricate tributes to his favourite books and films. He finds it interesting and appropriate to translate woodcut prints into an alternate wooden form using pyrography. He uses pine as a substrate, but occasionally uses oak, cedar, maple or beech wood. Springer appreciates the complexity of the wood from its knots, to the flow of its grain, to its varying hardness level. He enjoys the whole process of creation: finding the right piece of wood; sanding it smooth; laying out the image and burning it onto the wood; staining the piece; and sometimes adding gold-leaf details, a clear gloss finish, and/or metal ornamental pieces.

Katie St.Clair

Katie St.CLAIR - Cambridge, ON


My art style is impressionism but have also incorporated expressionism within my art. I deliberately create and alter my art for emotional effect in order to create moods and my artistic perception. Katie works in soft pastel, watercolour and acrylic.

Neerja Trehan

Neerja TREHAN - Mississauga, ON

Painting/Mixed Media

Neerja’s art is meant to stimulate positive thought, peace and harmony within oneself. She captures the serene and compassionate form of nature to explore the mystical side of life. Her paintings usually consist of many layers acrylic colours, inks and resin. The luminous colour interactions created by currents and waves as the light dances between them fascinates her. She finds the process of creating art work using dynamic colours, fluid movements and organic compositions very meditative.

Heidi von der Gathen

Heidi von der GATHEN - Orangeville, ON


Heidi von der Gathen received a BFA (sculpture) from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She was a practicing artist for ten years during which she taught, exhibited, and curated in the States, Canada, EU and Japan. Inspired by years of travel, Heidi returned to personal creative practice in late 2016. Encouraged by word-of-mouth interest and subsequent sales she founded Air & Earth Design.

Tamara Warren

Tamara WARREN - Burlington, ON


“I want my jewellery to move with its’ wearer. It should be a part their style. I love to know that my creations will be worn and enjoyed.” Tamara has been creating sterling silver jewellery for over the last 10 years having taken a variety of courses along the way. Working with sterling wire and sheet, using various silversmithing techniques presents many exciting opportunities. All Warren’s work is created in sterling silver using various silversmithing techniques. She create necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Emilia Wilson

Emilia WILSON - London, ON

Painting/Mixed Media

An interdisciplinary artist, Emilia enjoys using a variety of mediums including (but not limited to): photography, acrylic paints, textiles, linography, collage as well as watercolours and ink. Her work is often influenced by scenes from the natural world, as well as a range of humanitarian issues such as environmentalism, gender, sexuality and mental health. Her current style of work is is highly intuitive; she loves to experiment with colours, lines and textures which call for raw, visceral emotion to be drawn from the observer.

Limei (May) Zhang

Limei (May) ZHANG - Mississauga, ON


Limei (May) Zhang works primarily as a large-scale landscape painter, she has been interested in abstract and impressionism painting styles, combining Western and Eastern painting skills. Inspiration from her life, so she believes that visual art evokes an internal reaction and emotional response. I cherish this wonderful experience and will be remembered for a lifetime.

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