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5th Annual

Virtually - July 31 - August 10, 2020

Featured the following Artists


Clare Allin

Clare ALLIN - Toronto, ON

Mixed Media

Clare Allin is inspired by contemporary issues such as environmental concern and consumerism. Clare explores these themes though multi-media drawings done on paper. Clare is inspired by the city she lives in, Toronto, this series reflects that by using city inspired settings and characters.

Karen Brown

Karen BROWN - Erin, ON

Mixed Media

I am an encaustic mixed media artist whose work is motivated by my relationship with nature. Encaustics is an ancient beeswax based paint which is applied and heated to create rich layers of unique depth and luminosity. My process is studio intensive but starts outdoors with experience, photography and drawing providing the visual and emotive references that come back into the studio to be created. Substrates are recycled, repurposed found materials which create earth-friendly, karma-friendly, soul-friendly pieces of artwork. I am thrilled to be offering encaustic workshops and original art at the Hive encaustic studio – 201 at the Alton Mill Arts Centre.

Lucy Cifoni Hughes



Self taught artist with studies in Graphic Design/Sheridan College 1978-1980. First show was a private event held in Guelph ON. 2019. Selected painting showcased in a juried exhibition held by the Ontario Association of Artists for new and emerging artists 2020. From the 250 entrants only 50 were chosen to be on display for a month at the Queen Elizabeth Cultural Centre in Oakville. Selected to participate in the Eden Mills Arts Festival. Selected artwork is printed on local Guelph business calendars/postcards and displayed on Guelph transit. Works held in private collections in Guelph, ON. and Rockwood, ON. Member of Guelph Arts Council and the Elora Centre for the Arts

As far as I know, I've been an "artist" all my life - incessant creation as a kid carried through up until now, where I am proud to be able to pursue my passion and grow as an artist full-time.

As I promote that childlike curiosity encouraged by exploration and discovery, I aim for my work to resonate emotionally with the viewer, elevate the spirit, and in the moment pause time.

My work is informed and inspired by everyday changes to nature's colours, textures, and movements. The energy brought on by these dynamic shifts in our surroundings invigorates my creativity and translates itself to my canvas through tone and texture.

In my Fergus Ontario studio I work mainly in acrylics, mixed media and oil.

Tina Clancy

Tina CLANCY - Milton, ON


Tina paints intuitively and imaginatively in her studio in Milton, Ontario, where brush and knife are the keys to her world of colour and design, memory and imagination, and the possibilities of dreams.

“I marvel at the wonders I spy through a window, across a field, beyond the shore ... fleeting glimpses, shadows cast, mist floating, colourful skies, and the stillness of being. Nature that lives and breathes. My paintings - emergent and evanescent, whimsical and musing - reflect the love and joy I feel for this vast and beautiful world.”

Laura Cook

Laura COOK - Cambridge, ON


For over 15 years, Cambridge Photographic Artist Laura Cook has been enhancing the lives of others through her unique creative vision and artistry. She draws her inspiration from the beauty that surrounds us. Laura helps others experience that beauty, by providing an up close and personal view. It brings the viewer a sense of wonderment with the world. She uses the camera as her paintbrush, sometimes in true form of preserving what she sees and other times abstracting reality. Her work serves as a visual retreat in home & office spaces that invigorates, inspires and soothes the soul.

Brent Davis

Brent DAVIS - Milton, ON


Brent Davis is an award-winning photographer and journalist who has been working for daily newspapers in Ontario for more than 20 years. His landscape and architectural photography, from Canada, the United States, and beyond, often focuses on the places we leave behind – the abandoned haunts of past generations, now crumbling and silent. He seeks out these places in his travels, finding beauty in the collision between natural and built environments.

Brian Groberman

Brian GROBERMAN - Burlington, ON


Brian is a photographer based in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area incorporating a variety of photographic technology and techniques. For several decades Brian has used traditional film formats (35mm, medium and large) and has included over the last decade digital formats as well.

Currently and for the last many years Brian is using digital technology for scanning and post-production. This involves compositing techniques assisting with enhancing the ambience within the image and a desirable sculpting of detail. The final output of the product utilizes pigment printing on a variety of fine art archival papers with complimenting textures.

The experiences result in imagery that combines both fluidity and passage of time. This is illustrated within a number of city and urban landscapes, rural vistas and panoramas.

Larissa Hauck

Larissa HAUCK - Edmonton, AB


Larissa Monique Hauck is a queer visual artist currently based in Canada. In 2014, she graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design (now Alberta University of the Arts) with a BFA with distinction. She has been selected for inclusion in events such as Nextfest 2018 (Edmonton, AB), Nuit Rose 2016 (Toronto, ON) and the 9th Annual New York City Poetry Festival 2019 (New York, US). Her drawings and paintings have been featured in publications such as Creative Quarterly (US), Wotisart Magazine (UK), Minerva Rising (US), and various others.

Cheryl-Ann Hills

Cheryl-Ann HILLS - Hamilton, ON


A native of KW, and currently living in Hamilton for over 25 years, early art experiences began at 16 with Canadian landscape painter Michael Roth.

Deeply connected to nature, Cheryl spent much of her youth in local forests and woodlots hiking and exploring. She continues to explore Ontario sometimes completing the artwork outdoors.

Cheryl strives to be authentic and express moments of discovery and awe in nature. She enjoys the rich colour and feel of oil paint and has begun to explore other mediums to incorporate into her work with oil, adding diverse distinctive textures and layering effects.

Janet Horne Cozens

Janet HORNE COZENS - Burlington, ON

Mixed Media

Janet Horne Cozens began studying art at the age of two in Japan. Her love of art continued after her family immigrated to Northern Ontario thanks to her mother, a well-known Haiku poet, who encouraged her to be creative and explore various media. After graduating from the University of Toronto with a degree in Music Performance, Janet returned as an adult student to the Ontario College of Art (now OCAD) to study Fine Art with a specialty in figure drawing and painting. After almost two decades away from art to pursue a career and raise a son, she has finally realized her dream of returning to her first love - art.

Cozens recently won the Juror's Choice Award at the 2016 All Guilds Juried Exhibit at the Art Gallery of Burlington for her mixed media work, The Old Man and the Sea based on the book by Ernest Hemingway. Janet Horne Cozens lives and works in Burlington, Ontario with her son and her husband, Charles Cozens, internationally acclaimed arranger to the stars and conductor of the Burlington New Millennium Orchestra. Janet Horne Cozens is a member of the Burlington Fine Arts Association and WAAH.

Reilly Knowles

Reilly KNOWLES - Milton, ON


Reilly Knowles is a soon-to-be-graduate of Western University’s Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts program, with a Specialisation in Studio Arts. He draws inspiration from and splits his time between London and Milton, ON.

Knowles has exhibited work since 2015, showing in such venues as Artlab Gallery (London, ON), Good Sport (London, ON) and Holcim Gallery (Milton, ON). Currently, he is organizing a solo exhibition with Forest City Gallery (ON). Knowles is a recipient of the Gray Creative Arts Award in Visual Arts, the Mackie Cryderman Award for Excellence in Visual Arts, and the Kate and Robert Taylor Scholarship in Visual Arts, among others.

My practice considers my body’s relationship with the concept of nature using a language of feminism, folklore and religious icons. Drawing particularly from ancient Irish art and an eco-centric ethos, it visually depicts the liberation of monsters living somewhere between life and death, male and female, human and nonhuman, and reality and fantasy – the liminal, creative gap between dualities.

Nick & Holly McClellan

Nick & Holly McCLELLAN - Oshawa, ON


Business Name: Rufuss
Nick and Holly are creatives who combine their skills to design and fabricate. Their designs mix new materials with reclaimed items like pallet wood, mirrors, old picture frames, vintage windows, old hardware, etc.

They specialize in photo light boxes. A final work is an original 2D image with sculptural qualities, functioning as a light source. They make one of a kind nightlights too. Vintage optical and photo toys inspired other photo creations like their suncatchers and mirror boxes. Printed on a clear base, photos start to change colour or provide creative reflections throughout the day.

Made By Meraki

Meghan, Kelly & Theresa McLOUGHLIN - Hamilton, ON


Business Name: Made By Meraki
Made By Meraki, a one-of-a kind t-shirt shop run by a sister trio who have combined their passion for women empowerment and pop culture to create the ultimate one stop shop to girl power apparel.

Cate McMullin

Cate McMULLIN - Hamilton, ON


Cate has studied painting and drawing at OCAD University and the Toronto School of Art. She currently works out of the Six Point Road Studio in Toronto.Cate uses both oil and acrylic paint to explore and engage depth and contrasts in abstract and representational landscapes. Cate’s semi-abstract work takes its inspiration from the openness of the sky and the shifts between light and shadow.

Diane Morgan

Diane MORGAN - Harriston, ON


Diane is classically trained in drawing and painting using the european atelier techniques. Her artwork is contemporary classical realism. Diane paints with a passion for the creative process and the sense of enjoyment and accomplishment she receives when each painting is completed. The subjects hold a personal connection to the artist and she is inspired by the places she has travelled.

Bari Parsche

Bari PARSCHE - Kitchener, ON


I paint to create, at times just to push myself into doing something new. At other times to inject the supernatural to life.

Susan Powell

Susan POWELL - Hillsburgh, ON


Sue paints pure, watercolour landscapes. Her works in watercolour capture the rolling rhythms and changing light upon Ontario’s most beautiful geological landform, the Niagara Escarpment. Sue’s current inspirations include drawing and painting the human form, capturing the grandeur of clouds and big skies and sketching/journaling while on her frequent jaunts to cool spaces and places.

Neerja Trehan

Neerja TREHAN - Mississauga, ON


Neerja Trehan is a full-time Canadian artist, living in Mississauga, ON. She has a solid learning base, with Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from Punjab University, India.

A dreamer, traveller, adventurist, Neerja finds inspiration from nature and rigmarole of daily life. Neerja is an Acrylic and Resin artist. She strives to create artwork that helps stimulate positive thought, peace, and harmony within oneself.

She captures the serene and compassionate form of nature to explore the Mystical side of Life. Her paintings usually consist of many layers of acrylic colors and Inks. She finds the process of creating artwork using vibrant colours, fluid movements and organic compositions very meditative.

Jackie Warmelink

Jackie WARMELINK - Mulmur, ON


Jackie's Raku work is truly “one of a kind”. Her pieces are all hand built and she draws her inspiration from the nature surrounding her studio imprinting her platters with leaves and shells. Her birds, fish and trees are mounted in driftwood and her popular Christmas ornaments feature birds snowmen and animals. The iridescent and white crackle Raku glazes enhance these designs. The new copper matte glaze produces a rainbow of colours on bowls vases and pendants.Each Raku piece is uniquely different.

Limei May Zhang

Limei (May) ZHANG - Mississauga, ON


Limei (May) Zhang works primarily as a large-scale landscape painter, she has been interested in abstract and impressionism painting styles, combining Western and Eastern painting skills. Inspiration from her life, so she believes that visual art evokes an internal reaction and emotional response. I cherish this wonderful experience and will be remembered for a lifetime.

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