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Inspiration For Your Corporate Events

Corporate Inspiration

Three AV Trends

Three AV TrendsVR Technology

Bring innovation to your event with Virtual Reality, the newest way to entertain your guests.


LED’s appeal is in its versatility—screens can create video walls, tiles, backdrops, banners, or any number of configurations that you can’t make with a traditional 16-foot-by-9-foot projection screen.


Expand your audience and utilize your social media outlets by livestreaming events. Even staffers who aren’t physically attending an event can support from afar by sharing your stream.

Unique Meeting Space

Unique Meeting Space

80 Acres of Exclusive Land

Multiple Venues
Unique Meeting Space

Escarpment Views
Unique Meeting Space

Team Building

Unique Meeting Space


Partnering with local charities to collaborate on action projects will not only help your team work cohesively, but also provide a service for the local community.

Unique Meeting Space

Take a Risk

Bring some excitement to your event with wings and slicks stunt driving class. Wings and Slicks customizes your event and take care of all the details. Event services include Transportation, Photography, Catering and Custom Branding for the entire event.

Unique Meeting Space

Foodie Inspiration

Culinary workshops, cook-offs and foodie scavenger hunts are all fabulous ways to get people involved.

Special Events
Meeting Rooms
Historic Buildings
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