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Dairy Building/Display

This building, sponsored by the Dairy Farmers of Ontario, is an educational journey throughout the development of the milk sector in this province - providing a learning experience from the early settler days until today's modern process that has helped nurture a nation. It depicts all avenues of milk production - from butter to cheese processing and manufacturing.
Capacity: 45

Apple Industry Building/Display

While not native to North America, apples are abundantly commonplace in Ontario (and Canadian) culture today - and the display at Country Heritage Park highlights its very proud history, from the estimated 50 or more varieties grown around the turn of the 20th century to the efforts of such things as apple peelers and cider presses which were labour saving technologies that helped the market flourish and led to the sector it has become today.
Capacity: 60

Carriage Building

This building offers a glimpse at storing "road" vehicles in an era when it was a mix of steam and internal combustion engines powering people were competing for space with horse and oxen teams moving almost as fast. The building is part of the educational component for Country Heritage Park and, as well, its future plans.
Capacity: 65

Massey-Harris Building

This building is a historical representation of a family-owned business that went international. In 1866, the Massey Manufacturing Company represented Canada at the International Exposition in Paris, winning three gold medals. In 1891, it became known as Massey-Harris - the name which is present on the facility that is a tribute to the various types of machinery that the company would create and innovate throughout North America.
Capacity: 150 (throughout with limited seating)

Ford Dealership

One of the jewels for Country Heritage Park, the dealership has been set up to represent a 1928 business, complete with pumps and a front "store". The year is significant for a number of reasons, first and foremost being that it was the year Henry Ford launched a new line of cars, including the Model A (for which there is one in the dealership), the Sports Coupe, and the Tudor. The building offers a brief glimpse into a business where Imperial Oil was Canada's largest and most profitable business - while maintaining a bygone elegance that is often used as a backdrop for wedding photography.
Capacity: 50 (no seating)

Shelburne Pump Works

This refurbished building and exhibits (thanks to Milton Small Engines) showcases the various pumps and equipment used to make those pumps including equipment to make wooden pipes and classic wooden hand pumps - as well as the evolution of what would seem to be a fundamental for life in general: how to move water, not just from the ground but to other areas as well.
Capacity: 5-7

Our Animals

Country Heritage Park is home to a small set of live animal and poultry displays for educational; programming purposes and is host to a number of summer visitors as part of our summer event programs. Not surprisingly we have some wild visitors from time to time including Mr. Coyote and numerous squirrels and racoons albeit not always welcome.

Special Events
Meeting Rooms
Historic Buildings
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