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Historic Buildings

The park has numerous historical buildings & exhibits that will take you on a walk through rural Ontario’s past. Perfect for families with children – the kids will spend hours after their visit imagining how people could have survived back then.

Mayne Corners United Church

This small church circa 1876 is an excellent example of the multitude of rural community churches that were popping up throughout Ontario in the 19th and early 20th centuries. It was originally located in Perth County Ontario, & donated to the park by Mr. & Mrs. Winger in 1978.

Nassagaweya Schoolhouse

This traditional late nineteenth century schoolhouse (built in 1886) was originally located on concessional 6 of Nassagaweya Township in Halton Region- not too far from the park today.

Visitors will get to experience what is was like in a rural school in the 1910’s. It has separate entrances for boys and girls, windows along the side, and washrooms & a woodshed at the rear.

Massey Harris Building

The Massey Harris Company Ltd was established in 1891, and became the largest agricultural equipment maker in the British Empire.

The park hosts a Massey Harris building that features antique tractors, stripper harvesters, plows, and other equipment they manufactured.

Ford Dealership

The Ford Dealership building is modeled after what one would’ve looked like in 1928- a very big year for Henry Ford as his new line of cars was launched – including Model F, Model N, Model 8N Tractor, and Model A.

Elliott-Harrop Barn

This barn was built in 1882 to model a typical Halton County style barn in 1820. IT contains a variety of artifacts from the late 19th and early 20th centuries including Cockshutt tractors and Allis Chalmers equipment.

Mountview Women’s Institute Hall

This 1838 hall was originally located on concession 2 in Trafalgar Township. It was originally used as a school, then a temperance hall.

It has been restored to represent a women’s hall circa 1919-1929.

McDuffe Implement Dealership

This building represents what a John Deere Dealership would have looked like in 1937.

Mr. McDuffe moved to Milton in the 1920s and started a farm machinery company. In 1948, he started selling John Deer Tractors- the type of tractors & equipment that are contained in this building today.

Troyer-Fraser Barn

This late 19th century barn was originally located on concession 3 of Vaughan Township, York County. It is a very unique construction, and the method used to erect it is still unknown.

Today, this unique barn houses a collection of early machinery and tractors manufactured by the International Harvester Company.

Lucas Family Homestead

This beautiful 1.5 story house is estimated to have been built between 1835-1840, and it was originally located on concession 2 of Nelson Township, Halton County. The 1852 concensus of the area shows that there were 14 people living in the house at the time.

Come out to learn about the Lucas family’s history.

Carriage Building

Before the internal combustion engine was created, transportation by road was drawn by an animal powered cart or wagon. The carriage building contains an exhibit of sleighs, fine harness carriages, washing wagons, and a horse drawn hearse.

Potter-Kinder Blacksmith Shop

This blacksmith shop played a very important role in the community when it was built- in the 1860s. In this time, the blacksmith made everything out of iron- including wheels for carriages and equipment.

This building still contains a working forge, and all blacksmithing equipment.

The Harness Shop

This building was oringially located in the Aberfoyle Farigrounds, and was constructed in 1909. It had many purposes in the past, including it being a home, a barbershop, and a harness-making shop.

Shelburne Pump Works

Wooden water pumps, pipes, and eaves troughs were constructed by hand using simple tools. This exhibit contains all of the antique tools required to make them.

Cassin Family Farmstead

This farmstead is thought to have been built in 1847, and was originally located in Puslinch Township, Wellington County where it served as a home for ten people.

It currently depicts all aspects of a working family farm of the 1830s.

Tractor Barn

This building contains a variety of vintage tractors from the early 1900s. Come see how farm equipment transformed from large and cumbersome to more versatile, practical machines.

Clark-McCleary House

This 1830s home that was originally located in Trafalgar Township, Halton County has been transformed into an early 1900s country store exhibit.

Gambrel Barn

This traditional style barn (“gambrel” refers to the type of roof) was constructed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food as a bicentennial project in 1984. Today, it is used to host events and celebrations, such as weddings and tradeshows.

Puslinch Township Hall

The Puslinch Hall was built in 1867, originally with no electric lights or furnace. It was constructed in Aberfoyle, and moved to the park in 1981.

Special Events
Meeting Rooms
Historic Buildings
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